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Bite-Sized Innovations is an Australian born company focused on growth and innovation in the plant-based meat and alternative protein industry. 


By investing in and building innovative high-growth businesses, BSI capitalizes on its team's experience, capital, and networks to drive awareness and adoption of more plant-based proteins, effectively reducing the impact of animal agriculture on the world.


By sharing the plant-based food movement in Australia with the rest of the world, BSI provides more sustainable and nutritious food options to millions of customers.



To provide delicious and healthy plant-based food conveniently to billions.


Meet The Founders

Jan Pacas

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 Jan co-founded & was the Managing Director at Flare HR ( one of Australia’s fastest growing fin-tech’s ) as well as co-founded Mad Paws ( Australia’s leading consumer marketplace for pet services ) where he scaled the businesses to more than 500.000 users. He has also experience as a CEO, to scaling a global $1Bn+ business in Blue chip global Multinationals.

Stuart Cook

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Stuart is the former CEO of Zambrero and Co- founded TWIYO Capital. During his time at Zambrero he scaled the chain from 2-100+ stores globally and profitably in 6 years. Stuart is an investor in multiple consumer, retail, and food businesses.

Samantha Cook

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Samantha is the former CEO of One Disease, a revolutionary charity, and Co-founded TWIYO Capital. Samantha has extensive experience in capital raising, marketing, and sustainability. Samantha was also awarded a place among the top 100 women of influence by AFR. 


Meet The Team

Ross Fastuca

Chief Technology Advisor

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Ross co-founded Ambisie and locomote.com. He is passionate about technology and business. A lover of all forms of technology, future thinking, business/product strategy, early-stage investing, start-up and scaling companies

Jessica Gleeson

Advisory Board

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Jessica is the CEO at Brighter Beauty and President of Experiential retail. She has 21 years of experience with Starbucks, helping the company scale across the globe, from 50 stores to 55 countries. Jessica has over 25 years of experience in a fast growing consumer business, operations and development.

David Fastuca

Chief Experience Officer

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David co-founded Ambisie and locomote.com. With 20+ years of experience starting and building companies, David understands the value and potential of design thinking and how it can make a difference to the bottom line.


Our Companies



A fantastic new dimension in fast casual food.

Roho Bure

A delicious and decadent dessert experience-with a touch of style.

Why people are switching to plant-based diets:


Animal Agriculture

Water (in gallons) required to produce:

1 pound of beef = 2500

1 pound of eggs = 433

1 pound of cheese = 818

Plant Agriculture

Plant-based agriculture grows 512% more pounds of food than animal-based agriculture on 69% of the mass of land that animal-based agriculture uses.

Organic Farming

Organic farming typically requires 2.5 times more labor than conventional farming, yet yields 10 times the profits.


91% of Amazon destruction is caused by animal agriculture.

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